Monday, August 25, 2014

First Grade Day 1

Paul is in first grade at Bruce Shulkey Elementary.  He was proud to do his homework today and write his spelling words three times apiece.

Mom: Tell me something good that happened today.
P: I got a eraser. It was a basketball one.

Mom: Tell me something that was funny today:
P: Everybody kept tooting and one of the toots was loud.  The teacher heard it but she said nothing.  She said, "Shhhh." but it was a toot.

Mom: Tell me something that made you mad today.
P: Nothing.

Mom: Tell me a joke:
What do you call a giraffe with no legs? I mean a giraffe that has no neck?
A geneck!
Paul after school.  He was smiling, so we knew it was a good day!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Open House and Monday Blues

At dismissal on the first day of school.

Working on important coloring documents in my room at my desk.

Singing Tootie Ta at Open House.

More Tootie-Ta.

Oh yeah, I love Tootie-ta!

My teacher, Mrs. Alvarez.

Playing on at open house.

Today was a rough day for Paul.  It's a Monday, and he was feeling it.  He didn't want to go to school.  He has no complaints about school or his teacher or friends, but he was sad this morning that he couldn't stay at home.  He loves staying home with Mama. Luckily everyone at school loves, him, including the principal.  She escorted him to class and kept checking on him to make sure he was okay.  She even called his mom at her work to let her know he was just fine.

Paul also came home with two skinned knees; another child pushed him on the playground.  His teacher took him to the nurse, where apparently he told the nurse he didn't prefer that brand of bandaid and that she wasn't putting his bandaids on at the correct angle.

The world will hopefully look brighter in the morning.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Here's something fun that happened: Go Pokemon!

Hi. My name is Bruce Fabrizio.  I made Simple Green.

Paul just entered the room with shorts on his head and a shirt on his legs.  Apparently he isn't in the mood to talk about school today.

There's a hole in my pants!  There's a hole in my pants!  I am well dressed for a party!  Ta-da!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What was that chocolatey thing you put in my lunch?

What was that chocolatey thing you put in my lunch?  Was it a sweet?  Did Kaa give that to you?  I didn't eat it because I didn't want the lunch guy to see me eat that and not other parts of my lunch.

On Friday I got moved at lunch for drumming on my lunch box but not today.  I didn't get moved at lunch.

I had a good day.

I went to recess.  We played legos at recess inside.  We didn't go outside because I'll tell you why.  There was a yellow alarm because it's too hot and we might get sick and that's why.

I went to Music and Mommy, guess what?  Mrs. Alvarez said if we talk she's going to say, "No recess, no legos."  I didn't talk.

We sang songs in music.  She didn't tell us what the song was named.  Mmmm, I liked it.  She said we were going to play with sticks on Tuesday.    She said before this that we would do it on Tuesday.  We didn't get to play with sticks.  Today I didn't get to play with them.  Tomorrow I won't get to play with them.

I guess they fall asleep and they forget?

We didn't read any books.  Only we read a workbook.  I Am, again.  It's a different I am.  Yes, I like it.

My only friend now is Charlie.

We did some work.  Rhyming and not rhyming.  Letters, letters.  It was all easy, only guessing the music was hard work.

Charlie sits by me in circle.  He's nice.  Do you know what?  I know his phone number.  It's, I forgot the first number but I know the rest of it.  I think it's H20.  I really think that's it.  Like that really might be it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kindergarten Day 4

Tell me about your day today.

I have a pup.  Ayyiyi my little butterfly.  Eeeeowwwww!!!!

I went to music today.  We sang; I don't know what the song was called.

In class just to be fun we sang "Atootieta."

Below are photos of Paul singing and dancing his new dance.

Paul was too deliriously exhausted to talk any more sense.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kindergarten Day 3

So this morning I was the first one in class and then I was the first one to put up my folder in the box and then when Mrs. Alvarez and the rest of the kids came in they gave me a clap.  They stood in a circle around me clapped.  Mrs. Alvarez said, "Let's give Paul a round of applause" so they clapped because I put up my folder.  It was rreeeallly funny.

Did you know that the day after the day after today we can go skating at night?

What was your favorite part about today?
When Mrs. Alvarez said, "Give Paul a round of applause and they did."

What did you not like about today?
When that boy kept messing with me and touching my ears.

I went to PE. Mrs. H moved me and she didn't give me a sticker even though she said that if I remembered my spot I would get a sticker.  I remembered my spot but she moved me and I didn't get a sticker.

We read a really good book. I forgot what it was called.  It was about a little girl picking blueberries.  It was Blueberries for Sal.  And the mom got mixed up with the bear and the mom heard the bear crying and she said, "Sal, now you run and pick your own blueberries."  Baby bear was just eating out of her pail and she turned around and she was surprised and then baby bear's mommy heard little Sal working and she turned around and said, "Where's my baby?"  Sal, her mom said to pick blueberries but she ate the blueberries from her pail and at the end they peeled their blueberries.  It was really good.

Lunch was good but the bad part about lunch was a boy had to get moved to another table.  Did you know if you get moved at lunch you miss all your recess? Mrs. Alvarez told me that.  I don't know why; I guess because, I don't know.

What was funny today?
Nothing was funny except when Sal didn't pick blueberries she ate blueberries and when Corduroy thought a bed button was his button.  Everyone laughed, even me.

At recess we played something fun but no one got  us in the game.  A girl would pick up woodchips and try to throw them at us but we would run away because they aren't supposed to do that.  The little girl had to sit out the whole entire recess.  We ran when we saw her.  I forgot the names of the other kids.

Do you have any new friends?
Luis, Baden, and Mia, and Diro, and Jessica and that's pretty much all I remember.  I have more, but I just didn't remember their names.

Tell me a joke.
What do lions eat?
Meep.  Instead of saying meat, I say meep.

Or here's one you might laugh at:

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Car who?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kindergarten Day 2

Paul had a rough morning.  While walking to school, he spotted a sprinkler that had fallen into the street.  Trying to be a good citizen, he picked up the sprinkler to put it back in our neighbor's yard.  That good deed ended with him getting soaked.  We had to go back home so he could change clothes and then he sadly couldn't ride his scooter to school; at that point I had to drive him.  He seemed to recover, though, when we pointed out that not many people can say they were attacked by a sprinkler.

Paul read a book to me:

Chester loves school.  Chester loves his mommy.  Chester loves his friends.  Chester loves his teacher.  Chester loves his book bag.  Chester loves school.

Chester is the raccoon who got the kissing hand.  Mrs. Alvarez read it to us while we were coloring the pages.

We did recess.  We missed some of our recess because in the bathroom, I wasn't screaming but the rest of the people were screaming in the bathroom.

We went to music.  We two songs, I know the tune but I forgot the name.

Who were your friends today?

What was funny today?

What was sad or bad today?
When, well nothing was sad or bad.

What was your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part was...I didn't really have a favorite part.  I mostly liked all of it.